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The Evolution of Storytelling is Here!

Once upon a time…

  • The written word was a huge technological leap forward
  • People felt like they were drowning in the mass production of information due to the printing press
  • Painters feared that they would be replaced by a new technology called photography
  • Henry Ford replaced humans with machines on the assembly line

Once upon our time…

  • Virtual reality will one day stop us from interacting in the real world
  • Artificial intelligence will displace millions of people from their jobs
  • Our attentions spans are dwindling as we are flooded with more and more content
  • Google and other major tech players experiment with self-driving cars

Your Future Is Now!

Calling all of the brave and bold artists, corporates, business owners and change makers! The best way to predict our futures to create it. Let us all join together and tell the stories of the future we want to create. We have never had such an unprecedented ability to influence and affect our world.

The Evolution of Storytelling Manifesto

We are entering the epoch of storytelling. We are standing on the precipice of a new world order, where visionaries will lead through their ability to tell stories.

We believe emerging technologies is the next frontier in our lineage of communication. The art of storytelling is our past, present and future. We will explore the lineage from the spoken word to virtual reality and create a movement around the storytelling of the future.

We are committed to creating pioneering conversations outside of the silos of technology, innovation and science. We will shift the narrative around emerging technologies from fear and distrust to the next step in the evolution of how we express ourselves.

We will transform segregated thinking in science and technology to create a new collective conversation. This movement is not for the virtual reality enthusiast, innovation geeks or tech heads. This ideology is for the curious, explorers, dreamers and pioneers. We understand we have an unprecedented ability to tell our stories and our collective potential lies in the power of the technologies to come.

Join the evolution of storytelling, the movement to normalise emerging technologies as an evolutionary step in the way we communicate. Technology is not to be feared; it is to be explored, managed and harnessed for good. The evolution is growing from the ground up, and it needs you!

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