Dr Betty Sargeant is an award-winning artist and designer. She uses art and creative technology to help people be more socially and physically engaged. Betty is currently creator-in-residence at the Asia Culture Centre (South Korea) and artist-in-residence at the RMIT Exertion Games Lab.

Betty’s PhD was in Creative Media and it ranked top three at the Australian CHASS Prize [2015]. Her work has been internationally exhibited in Asia, Europe, The United States and Australia.

Betty is a cutting edge storyteller and has been included in academic publications and she regularly speaks at public events. Her award-winning story app How Far is Up? is available on the App Store. Her recent interactive media artworks, The Storytelling Machine and The Playground were internationally exhibited. Know for her innovative work in experience design, creative technologies, interaction design, storytelling and interactive narratives, we are thrilled to welcome Betty to the Evolution of Storytelling stage.

Learn more about Betty on her site.

You can connect with Betty – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

In her talk, Betty will discuss her most recent work – the interactive media installations The Storytelling Machine and The Playground.

The Storytelling Machine is a digital art installation that curates a collective story created from crowd sourced content.

The Playground is a participatory art installation that involves the public in creating a projection mapped ‘word tree’.

Both of these works have been exhibited in Australia and in South Korea and both involve an extensive program of free public workshops. Through these projects, Betty involves everyday people in learning about and designing for our age of automation.

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