Will Tait is an MC, musician and presenter with a talent for inspiring wonder and empowerment. He is motivated by the sense that our modern global culture is reaching out for a new story about the workings of the world, a story in which we see ourselves as integrally connected to each other and our universe. Using music, drama, humour and joy Will creates moments of magical, mythical experience that help make this new story tangible and trustworthy.

He is an educational presenter and the founder of Our Planet Enterprises, producing and delivering sustainability-focussed school and festival performance throughout Melbourne and Victoria. He is also the lead singer for 8Foot Felix, a theatrical multi-genre festival band. Will has crafted his singing voice, and his ability for it, touring with the band in Australia and overseas. His focus is now on integrating his musicianship, his storytelling talent and his passion for kindling a sense of belonging and stewardship towards our living planet.

As MC for the Evolution of Storytelling Will Tait will draw out connective themes and insights from the day’s proceedings, allowing humour and emotion to provide human context and integration for the challenges and opportunities that we collectively bring to the table.

You can check out Will online here!