Why Innovation Needs Story Based Content

How do you make the future feel real? We then must be able to connect the dots between where we are today and our desired future state.

We specialise in three different story focuses for the innovation process.

Creating the Ideal Future State with Strategy Narratives

  • Establish your grand Vision and Mission For The Future
  • This vision can be co-created with a team, business unit or the organisation
  • To achieve critical buy-in from the greater organisation, it is important to answer the question of what we are working towards together and then create empathic buy-in to move a project forward

Building Presentations and Progress Updates with Storytelling

  • Creating simple story-driven content as opposed to a long report that is hard to understand, read and digest. Stories create accessible, interesting and digestible content. This keeps the team and organisation abreast of the changes as they are happening.
  • Motivate your team or organization with stories. People must see progress to feel inspired to continue through the murkiness of exploration. And most importantly ‘why’ we are on the journey.

Illustrating the Future With Design Fiction and Speculative Design

  • Design Fiction creates a story that ‘shows’ your stakeholders the impact of a proposed change as if it has already happened. A narrative helps to suspend disbelief around something that feels like an unknown. It lowers feelings of risks associated with newness and focuses on the benefits explored through the narrative.
  • Imagine multiple future outcomes with Speculative Design. Creating stories for multiple future outcomes provides the space for creative examination around what is possible and more importantly what is a preferred outcome for our futures.

All of the concepts above can take the form of any of the below outputs –

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Campaigns
  • Podcasts
  • Speculative Futures
  • Design Fictions

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