We produce story-driven content to capture and retain your audience’s attention.

Life is complicated. No doubt about that. No one likes unnecessary drama or problems. A nice steady dependable day is always a comfort.

Let’s compare that thought process to sourcing content for a social media channel. Then dependable and steady is almost a sin. Never underestimate the power of surprise. Aim instead to delight, inspire, surprise or teach someone something new.

The exploring the unexpected is part of what makes a story shareable. If it is interesting, your audience will want to share this content with their friends. Give someone a way to look clever, funny or interesting and they will take you up on your offer.

There is a rule in live theatre, “Never bore your audience.” This is also the number one rule with storytelling for content creation. Your audience’s attention is precious. If you take it for granted they will leave you and your boring content for someone more stimulating.

How do you identify an interesting story? Ask yourself the following questions. Did you learn something? Did you feel like telling the story to someone else after hearing it? If that answer is yes to either of those questions then it is an interesting story.

We create a Narrative Strategy to uncover all of the interesting and surprising aspects of your business. We align it to your story and then produce the appropriate content for you most powerful channels.

We supply content for –

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Campaigns
  • Podcasts
  • Fairy tales
  • The list goes on and on…

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