The true power of storytelling is to create a new reality. For designers who are working to create change, the power of storytelling is critical. Without proper story tools it can be challenging to get by-in or approval on projects that are innovative and new.

Introducing the power of Design Fiction.

Design Fiction is a fictional narrative world in which a prototype, service or cultural change already exists. Bruce Sterling first coined the term in 2012 as a ‘prototype that is a functional piece of technology’ within a fictional world. This is a diegetic prototype. A diegetic experience of a prototype is told through a story. A prototype on its own is an object with no story attached.

Fictionalized environments ‘show’ your stakeholders the benefits of a proposed change as if it has already happened. A narrative helps to suspend disbelief around something that feels like an unknown. It lowers feelings of risks associated with newness and focuses on the benefits explored through the narrative.

Your Design Fiction could take the form of:

· Fictional Video

· Comic book

· Role Playing Experience

· Experience Design

· Story Driven Presentations

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