A narrative strategy is an ongoing story that you tell to your clients, customers, coworkers and staff to create a common ground of understanding.


We encourage your community to tune in or check in with you to find out what happens next. Just as with any TV show, novel or comic strip in a newspaper, stories encourage audience retention through building a cohesive narrative. It is also the way to build a culture within a workplace or community. Conveying your point of view in a story allows people to connect with your vision, as well as adopt it as their own.

A clear and simple narrative is key to conveying how we see ourselves and understanding how the world sees us. This is our speciality! We distill the complex stories of a dynamic world into concise, clear and relatable narratives.

A narrative strategy creates a structure for ongoing communication and relationship building. A purposeful story is a continuous way to connect with your target audience and allow them to become part of your story.

We focus on creating innovative content rather than pander to trends or clickbait-style headlines. A narrative can take any form, podcasts, blog post, videos, photography, graphics, newsletters or stories for speeches and presentations. While the formats may vary, the story is constant. It is informative, creates a culture and maintains relationships.

How The Process Works

First, we conduct a codesign strategy session. It is a meeting of the minds. We uncover the best stories within the business to connect with your audience to move your business forward.

Business experience paired with data that is wrapped in a story creates a message that sticks. Where do we harvest these messages from?

In the Venn Diagram below one ring is the business’s story and one is an audience’s needs or interests. The goal is to find the sweet spot, the place that overlaps. That is the place we collect stories from for a narrative strategy.


This process defines the right stories to tell to grab someone’s attention. Creating a story that stands out is imperative to produce the traction you require with your audience.

When the strategy is complete we deploy all of the story gold sitting within your business. The output could be a story your sales team tells to prospective clients. It may be content for your marketing department. It could be a social media campaign. Your stories are designed to reach your target audience to create inspiration and connection.

We love talking story so don’t be shy, get in touch!