A Narrative Strategy is a working plan for achieving a unifying vision, clear objectives, successful growth and optimal financial performance.

It is an ongoing story that we tell to your clients, customers, coworkers and staff to create a common ground of understanding to create a path to the desired future state.

A clear and simple narrative is key to conveying how we see ourselves and understanding how the world sees us. This is our specialty! We distill the complex stories of a dynamic world into concise, clear and relatable narratives.

A narrative strategy creates a structure for ongoing communication and relationship building. A purposeful story is a continuous way to connect with your target audience and allow them to become part of your story.

How The Process Works

First, we conduct a codesign strategy session. It is a meeting of the minds. We uncover the best stories within the business to connect with your audience to move your business forward.

Our Formula = Business Values + Future Goals x Dramatic Tension = A Sticky Story Message

Where do we harvest these messages from?

The chart below represents our process. Starting with the place we collect stories from for a narrative strategy, the day to day running of your business.


This is how success is built, it doesn’t come from focusing on an arbitrary spot in the future that we can’t see. It comes from what we are doing now. If you can capture and define what is happening in your current moment in time, it becomes possible to extrapolate it into the future. If you take care of the minutes, the minutes become hours and then the years take care of themselves.

Your business’s organic story is unique. Unlike corporate colours, logos or taglines, it is not a conceptual piece of marketing. It is an organic narrative that unfolds with each passing day. It shifts with each decision, such as new hires and evolving products and services. It cannot be replicated and it cannot be predicted. It must simply unfold. This is truly powerful when future proofing your brand or business. There can be similarities. But there are no two that are exactly the same. No other business has the exact unique blend of human capital and stories that you have.

Part of imagining where the future is going is understanding our current moment in time. To do this well we must understand our business’s story. It has a cast of characters, plot lines and twists and turns. An authentic and well-crafted story makes your business the main protagonist, as opposed to a secondary character. By focusing on your own story you let the narrative unfold and see how it moves you forward.

When the strategy is complete we deploy all of the story gold sitting within your business. A comprehensive story map charts your core business narrative connects it to your various audiences or stakeholders into a future state.

As a predictor of business’s future stories, we have seen this magic unfold again and again. We summon all the brave artists, corporates, business owners and change makers! The best way to predict our futures is to create it. Tell the stories of the future you want to create. We have never had such an unprecedented ability to influence and affect our world. It is limitless where you can go with a good story.

We offer various packages for –

  • Narrative Development
  • Storytelling Training
  • Story Driven Content Creation 

We love talking story so don’t be shy, get in touch to discuss our package options!

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