A narrative strategy is an ongoing story that we tell our clients, customers, coworkers and staff to create a common ground of understanding and a path forward into a desired future state.

A narrative strategy creates a structure for ongoing communication and relationship building. Narrative is a dynamic co-designed experience that generates the stories that builds culture, facilitates change and is the guiding light towards a new future. It is a desire or vision that is illustrated by stories.

Narratives For Internal Communication

A narrative strategy creates a structure for ongoing communication and relationship building. The system guides storytelling in a purposeful way to connect with your target audience and allow them to become part of your story.

A clear and straightforward narrative is critical to creating common ground and understanding in any communication strategy. This is our specialty! We distil the complex stories of a dynamic business into concise, clear, and relatable narratives.

A narrative strategy is a critical component of:

  • Change management
    • A compelling change narrative creates a shared understanding of the past, an explanation for the change planned and a projection for the future. It explains the changes’ what and why and connects employees to the organisation’s larger mission and strategy.
  • Digital Transformation
    • Align the business priorities of the transformation project with a cohesive narrative. A singular narrative creates a centralised approach to communicating organisation-wide change in simple and relatable stories that bring all stakeholders along on the journey. 
  • Organisational Communication Structures
    • Strategy at its core is planning. To plan where we are going, we must first build a story of the future we want to create. We work with you to co-design your desired future state and then craft the narrative that inspires your clients, coworkers, and leadership into action to achieve that future. With your end goals in mind, we examine your cast of characters, plot twists and turns to develop a narrative strategy that motivates your team, clients, or community into creating a new future.

Narratives For Marketing

All businesses have stories, not just a single tale, but a collection of antidotes – plural! So many that it can feel overwhelming. The ability to edit and select the best stories to illustrate the unique value your business delivers to the world is essential. It is vital to craft messaging that makes you memorable, showcases your authority and provides a brand experience that cements you in your audience’s mind. 

Your business is producing organic stories every day. Unlike corporate colours, logos or taglines, it is not a conceptual marketing piece. It cannot be replicated or predicted. This is truly powerful when delivering authentic stories that are happening within the business. There can be similarities, but no other business has the exact unique blend of human capital and stories.

People forget information and remember stories! The power of your narrative makes you unforgettable. 

We love talking story so don’t be shy, get in touch to discuss our package options!

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