Each of the training packages listed below a create fun and informal way to promote creativity, collaboration and storytelling ability within your team.

Interactive Twitter Story

Creatively engage your team with an interactive and collaborative Twitter storytelling workshop. This story was created by a workshop of 20 people who had never met until that evening. In the space of 30 minutes, this hilarious and inventive story took place!

The whole narrative is embedded in the Tweet! Just press the arrow on the tweet below to move through the story.



If you would like to speak about the possibilities an interactive team building workshop could mean for your workplace culture contact me for a chat!

How To Snap! Lunch and Learn Workshop

Have you snapped anyone lately? This doesn’t mean participating a heated discussion or argument. Snapping is messaging via the app SnapChat. If you haven’t had time to explore this mystifying platform, never fear, we are here to help!

Snap Chat is a video and photo-based messaging app. The reason why people and brands are flocking to it is because it is one of the only social media platforms that offer true storytelling capabilities. How is that you ask? Isn’t it just a private messaging app for teenagers and uni students. Technically yes and yes, but it is also so much more!

The gold of SnapChat the ‘Stories’ function. Stories give people the ability to publish live content to a story that can be viewed by anyone who has added you on SnapChat. The public nature of a ‘story’ means that it is a good way to ‘show’ people snippets of your life. In this brief intro workshop, we will explore building a live story together.

In this Lunchtime session, we will teach you to –

  • Keep it ‘Snappy’
  • ‘Show’ Don’t ‘Tell’
  • Get Personal With Your Story

Who This Workshop Is For

Anyone who is interested in learning how SnapChat works and how it could work for them.

What You Need To Bring With You –

  • Your Smart Phone with SnapChat Loaded
  • Your Lunch
  • Your Open Mind and Curious Nature

Be sure to check out my blog article on SnapChat or get in touch via email megan@spendloveandlamb.com for more info.

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STORYTELLING: The Interactive Board Game

Learn the fundamentals of storytelling via an interactive storytelling board game. Each player will participate in creating a narrative that has a theme and a compelling message.

The game is played with 2 or 3 teams depending on numbers of roughly 10 people each.

The learning objectives include –

  • Learning the basic components of a story –
    • Audience, Storyteller (Or Voice), Theme and Story Type (For example, a novel, blog post, business presentation)
    • Create the main message which is supported by the plot
  • Further takeaways include presentation, team building and lateral thinking skills

Creating a story doesn’t have to be hard or lonely. I have created a way for people to come together in a collaborative way to tell a single story. I have developed an interactive board game to train teams of people the fundamentals of story structure.

Stories are what create and maintain cultures. They shape not only how we see ourselves, but how we see the world. Storytelling is part of communicating effectively, as well as create cultures around our collective narrative. Learning the fundamentals of storytelling in a fun and interactive way will facilitate change in your organisation, business or life through the power of story.


What can/can’t I bring to the event?

Bring something with you that represents what every good story should have. It can be a photo, an object or maybe it is something that you have made.

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Storytelling For Data and Presentations – Lunch and Learn Workshop

A well-constructed presentation contains data to support a viable solution to a problem. Yet, not all presentations are able to leave a lasting impression.

Why is this? Because people find it difficult to retain information on its own. Attaching key data points to a story creates a sticky message that is simple to understand and repeat. Why? Because people forget information and remember stories.

Try to remember an exact number from a key statistic in a report or article you read recently. Now try and remember how many dwarves Snow White lived with and how many bears Goldilocks encountered in a cottage in the woods.

Your answers may sound something like this – Not sure, 7 and 3. Sound about right?

Learn the fundamentals of storytelling via an interactive group storytelling lunch and learn session.

In this 1 hour session we –

  • Understand and identify the types of data that need a story
  • Create the main message and short narrative to support a key data points
  • Learn a system for storytelling that can be repeated and applied to any project, presentation or plan that needs a story

Storytelling is part of effective communication. In the session, the fundamentals of storytelling are taught in a fun and interactive way to provide an actionable way. Create sticky messages for your organisation, business or life through the power of story.

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