NES_FA-721x1024Megan’s work mentoring me in Twitter has been transformative – it kinda kicked my ass into this millenium! So, short version: work with Megan on Twitter, she rocks, you’ll love it, it’ll work!

I came to Megan as a creative business owner with a big need to get the word out and no money to do it through traditional advertising. I had loads of marketing experience but no experience with Twitter.

I was dubious about Twitter’s power, and nervous about messing something up – if my business failed somehow on social media, I wouldn’t be able to wind back the clock.

Megan was just what I needed. She’s super-smart, so she could frame the whole social media landscape for me, making it digestible and relatable. It was empowering to have a ‘friend on the inside’, and one who thinks deeply about meaning, community, and people’s relationships to products and services.

From big-picture, strategic conversations to the most basic technical aspects of tweeting, direct messaging, and hashtags, Megan’s mentoring has made Twitter my most powerful digital marketing tool, and made me a serious devotee to its curatorial and networking power – it makes Facebook feel as dumb as a phonebook!