It all starts with a story…

Spendlove and Lamb specialise in storytelling training, narrative strategy, story driven content procurement and management. We help businesses and organisations tell stories that move them into their ideal future state.

Megan Davis, Lead Storyteller at Spendlove and Lamb, has been crafting narratives in Melbourne and around the world since 2012, specialising in narrative strategy and storytelling frameworks for innovation. Megan has been immersed in the craft of storytelling since she debuted on stage at the tender age of seven years old. Putting empathy first in business and life, Megan loves sharing her knowledge by speaking, training and consulting on projects that are changing the world.

Our founder story is a bit, well, unusual. In 2012, our lead storyteller Megan quit her job, moved out of her house, put her things in storage and decided to start over. She wasn’t happy with the path her life was on, so she jumped off to see what would happen. She became houseless and jobless as she traveled the world. She returned to Australia with 20 dollars in her pocket and one question in her mind, “What am I going to do to survive?

While she was houseless, she took a photo of the bed she slept in every night and posted it on a blog, The Bed Blog. This blog was linked to her Twitter and Facebook accounts. A daily photo was posted on social media and people started getting in touch.

“You’re homeless! I didn’t know that! You can stay at my place while I am away.”

“You need a job? I have some design work, would you be able to do this for me?”

“Want to come over, I will cook you dinner, we would love to see you and hear about your travels.”

This was powerful. The right story, paired with the proper method of delivery, kept her clothed, fed, housed and made her new friends. People commented on her blog and social media posts, encouraging her to keep going and not give up! It was humbling and taught her about the generosity that exists in the world. This is how she learned that story is the cornerstone to communications and creating relationships and is our most valuable asset.

Fast forward to the present day, and Spendlove and Lamb have worked with many clients across various industry sectors. The unifier between this diverse range of clients is they all love a good tale!

People forget information and remember stories. Tell the right story to the right person, and they will remember you forever!

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