Our story coaching service offers training for personal branding, professional development, and organisational communication strategy. From writing a personal story to a presentation, we have a solution to help you stand out. In this exciting commercial environment, it is more important than ever to effectively present a unique story to the world.

Our offerings include:

  • Story Coaching: a tailored approach to refining a specific story for a pitch, presentation, or media situation. This includes a workbook, custom map, and three 90-minute coaching sessions.
  • Narrative Training: a program that helps you shape and deliver your strategy story. This is delivered in three modules, each consisting of 1.5-hour coaching sessions.
  • Founder Stories: a program that helps you craft messaging that makes you memorable and showcases your authority. This includes a 1-hour strategy session and 2-3-hour co-design session with all key stakeholders.

Anyone can use our story coaching services at any stage of their project. We will help you create strategic stories, put them into action, and give you the confidence that your story will resonate with your intended audience. Contact us today to start your journey to becoming a storyteller!

Story Coaching

Have a specific story you need to refine for a pitch, presentation, or use in interview and media situations?

Story Coaching is a tailored to you approach to learning new story skills that can be applied to practical daily life situations.

It includes:

  • A story workbook to guide you in this and any future story creation
  • A custom map to document each section of your story
  • Three 90-minute sessions online or in-person coaching sessions to craft, rehearse, and feedback around one story.

Narrative Strategy Training

The Narrative Strategy training program shapes and delivers your strategy stories, facilitating agreement, alignment, and a vision for a single purpose.

This training works best for individuals working in corporate strategy, a change or organisation-wide transformation strategy, or when forming a new business unit. This training can be delivered in person or online.

Module 1: Discover Your Story Magic

  • Journey of discovering your story
  • System of questions to uncover story message/theme
  • 1.5-hr coaching session for process review

Module 2: Map Out Your Tale

  • Send answers for feedback and a story map
  • Follow a structured story map to write a story
  • Final instructions and 1.5-hr coaching session for review

Module 3: Sharing Your Story

  • Write a story using the completed story map
  • Rough dates for story submission provided
  • Feedback and diploma, 1.5-hr coaching session for review

Founder’s Story

This service is perfect for business owners, start-up founders and entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of their brand.

Everyone has a story. Not just a single tale; rather a collection of antidotes – plural! So many that it can feel overwhelming to choose the best stories to showcase who you are and why you do what you do. Understanding which story to tell makes you memorable and helps you stand out to your audience. It builds credibility, trust, and recognition, which is essential for building successful relationships with clients, customers, and partners.

Personal branding also helps entrepreneurs communicate their vision and mission. It establishes their reputation of being an expert in their field. This leads to opportunities for speaking engagements, writing articles, and being featured in the media, to establish their brand and grow their business.

A solid personal brand can help entrepreneurs to attract and retain talent, as it demonstrates their commitment to the business and sets a tone for the company culture. A personal brand that resonates with employees and clients can help to create a strong sense of loyalty and connection, which is vital for long-term success.

People remember stories, over information. Those brave enough to reveal the power of their journey become unforgettable. Own your founder’s story!

Program Outline:

1-Hour Strategy Session:

  • Set goals for the session
  • Explain the Founder Story pre-work document
  • Discuss business goals and future targets
  • Talk about existing values, mission, and vision statements

2-3 Hour Founder Story Session:

  • Review pre-work document
  • Create a Founder Story document
  • Find the emotional value in the stories
  • Design a narrative that runs through all brand assets


  • A strategic document that shows the unique aspects of your founder’s story and business goals
  • A value proposition that ties together the founder’s past, present, and future vision together
  • An ongoing narrative that ties together personal and business stories into a unified narrative


The initial training was a good reminder for me, but the gold was in our informal conversations about bringing it together and how you’d also done things in the past. It was personal satisfaction. I brought this all together. It’s a piece of work I’m proud of. I built it myself with your help.

Gillian Saxon, Change and Engagement Lead, Victorian Public Sector Commission

“I really appreciated the thinking space the process with Megan created for me.  Her process and prompts helped me to gain clarity on my work in a way I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own.  I valued the time to ‘think out loud’ and be pushed to think more deeply on what was coming up.  It offered a lot of value, not only for the content we created together, but overall in how I position my work.” 

Seanna Davidson, the systems school

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