Spendlove and Lamb is our name and stories are our game. We do more than digital marketing, we create culture!

Yup, we did just say that.

Stories are our business, the marketing of the future. Say hello to authentic relationships built through storytelling shared with your community. Say adieu to 30-second commercial videos popping up while you surf the web. Say see you later to obtrusive shout-y sounding tag lines and calls to action that populate your social media feeds.

The process of crafting a narrative to share with your clients has multiple outcomes across a variety of platforms. This isn’t your grandma’s fairytale!

Why Work With Us?

  • You are a story rich business, you have stories coming out the proverbial wazoo! You have so many you don’t know which one to tell and what the impact might be
  • You know stories are important, but you don’t know how to find yours
  • You need help to shift the narrative in your business to a new focus 

You work in – 

  • Events 
  • Hospitality
  • Schools/Education
  • Social Enterprise or Non-Profit Sectors
  • Government
  • B2B or B2C Marketing

You have a cool new idea the world hasn’t seen before! You have the product or service, now you need a story to sell it!

You work in – 

  • New and Emergent Technologies
  • Innovation
  • Service Design
  • B2B or B2C Marketing
  • Research and Development

Now imagine your story as a –

360 video of people sharing a meal at your restaurant while your audience watches along on Facebook.

Podcast where you debate the hot topics of your industry with thought leaders.

Facebook Live streaming event where your audience can ask you questions from all over the world.

Short email updating your clients on the news of exciting changes within your business.

We are expert storytellers that build relationships to take your business into the future.

Check out our products and services!

Old_School_New_School_for_Typgraphy_and_DesignWith her warmth, Megan is a great person to work with and adds value to every working dynamic. She combines the common touch with a good sense of humour to create a buzz and awareness around the Old School Brand. She is very calm under pressure, and has a positive can do aptitude. She will jump into almost anything and doesn’t let herself be intimidated. She is excellent with off the cuff words and presentations! One of her major coups was speaking on one of our promotional videos, with out any preparation. She quickly thought about what to say, and said it with heart and conviction. With her warm and relaxed politeness, she knows how garner support from sponsors and judges for events and launches.

Veronica Grow, Founder Old School New School for Typography and Design
Our narrative strategy session really helped me shape the story we told in our writing and founder videos for Youli.
I can’t wait to make this come alive with animation too!
Jennifer Fein, Founder, Youli
Working with Megan developing a narrative strategy was an extremely insightful process for my coaching business, The Main Protagonist. She focused on getting what was already on the inside of me, out and expressed in a professional way. I felt that my voice online has become more authentic – less “trying hard” on my part.
I found the tactic of using stories to be very helpful and as a coach I find it makes my audience respond more honestly as well.
We can waste a lot of time on social media, doing things the wrong way, and wondering why we don’t get the response we want. So I highly recommend getting an expert like Megan to show you how to do it well
Cece Ojany-Bekhor, Director & Accredited Coach, The Main Protagonist Coaching

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 8.53.52 pmThe best part about working with Megan is that her colourful, generous personality shines through throughout her work – and she encourages and enables businesses to do the same via social media. She goes beyond ‘tweeting’ to help you understand how to express yourself and your business on social media. Most importantly, every step or recommendation is based on who you are or what your business does, not what everyone else is doing. Thanks to Megan, The Projection Room finally gets social media! #welovespendlove

Bec McHenry, Founding Projector, The Projection Room
NES_FA-721x1024Megan’s work mentoring me in Twitter has been transformative – it kinda kicked my ass into this millenium! So, short version: work with Megan on Twitter, she rocks, you’ll love it, it’ll work!

I came to Megan as a creative business owner with a big need to get the word out and no money to do it through traditional advertising. I had loads of marketing experience but no experience with Twitter.

I was dubious about Twitter’s power, and nervous about messing something up – if my business failed somehow on social media, I wouldn’t be able to wind back the clock.

Megan was just what I needed. She’s super-smart, so she could frame the whole social media landscape for me, making it digestible and relatable. It was empowering to have a ‘friend on the inside’, and one who thinks deeply about meaning, community, and people’s relationships to products and services.

From big-picture, strategic conversations to the most basic technical aspects of tweeting, direct messaging, and hashtags, Megan’s mentoring has made Twitter my most powerful digital marketing tool, and made me a serious devotee to its curatorial and networking power – it makes Facebook feel as dumb as a phonebook!
Jay Chubb, Nest Coworking

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