Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 8.53.52 pmThe best part about working with Megan is that her colourful, generous personality shines through throughout her work – and she encourages and enables businesses to do the same via social media. She goes beyond ‘tweeting’ to help you understand how to express yourself and your business on social media. Most importantly, every step or recommendation is based on who you are or what your business does, not what everyone else is doing. Thanks to Megan, The Projection Room finally gets social media! #welovespendlove

Bec McHenry, Founding Projector, The Projection Room

Old_School_New_School_for_Typgraphy_and_DesignWith her warmth, Megan is a great person to work with and adds value to every working dynamic. She combines the common touch with a good sense of humour to create a buzz and awareness around the Old School Brand. She is very calm under pressure, and has a positive can do aptitude. She will jump into almost anything and doesn’t let herself be intimidated. She is excellent with off the cuff words and presentations! One of her major coups was speaking on one of our promotional videos, with out any preparation. She quickly thought about what to say, and said it with heart and conviction. With her warm and relaxed politeness, she knows how garner support from sponsors and judges for events and launches.

Veronica Grow, Founder Old School New School for Typography and Design


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