Your Story Is Your Future

Welcome to the golden age of storytelling. We are standing on the precipice of a new world order, where visionaries will lead through their ability to tell stories. Storytellers are powerful. They create the world that we live in now and the one to come.

Innovation relies on a clear vision for the future. This is true for start-ups to established businesses who are experiencing technological disruption. There isn’t any industry or company that is not affected by the rapid change ahead. How do we understand a future that is changing at unprecedented rates?

Part of predicting the future is having intimate knowledge of our current moment in time. The present moment is all that we truly ever have. The past is gone, and the future is always one step away.

Success is built by focusing on the next five minutes. The minutes become hours, the hours become days and the days become your future. Understanding how to maximise each moment in time is how great movements, companies and services are built. We give you the tools to make every moment count for the whole organisation.

Defining our current moment in time is what all great storytellers do. They capture the moment they are in so well; it becomes timeless. Timeless means anyone can understand what it would be like to live in the world that the storyteller portrays.

For Example –

  • Charles Dickens portrayed the struggles of living in England for the lower classes so well that anyone, anywhere in the world can read his work and be transported back to the streets of Victorian London

  • Star Wars takes place in a galaxy long ago and far away, but the clash between good and evil is a struggle that applies to every time and place in history

  • Shakespeare’s Elizabethan cultural moirés and ethics were so well defined that his work continues to resonate as we understand the universalities of humanity’s struggles, then and now

Stories are not born in a magical puff of smoke; they are created with a process. Our Strategic Narrative Sessions produce clarity around a moment in time, defining the story of an organisation so it can move into the future.

This means understanding a business’s story. It has a cast of characters, and plot lines that contain twists and turns. An authentic and well-crafted tale makes your company a strategic main protagonist. As the narrative unfolds, each chapter moves the organisation forward into its desired future state.

A strong story with a sticky message is essential in the attention economy. Attention leads to retention in your client or customer’s memory, the most precious real estate that you can own.

A strategic narrative can assist you at any stage of your business growth.

  • Starting a new venture and need funding?

  • Ramping up your sales team to meet targets?

  • Manage growth and culture change with the new direction and story for the business?

  • Marketing and sales going through the roof? Experience the next level magic that story refinement can bring!

Storytelling is future proofing your brand.

It is possible to copy a website’s look and feel. A competitor may develop a similar product or service. But no other business will have the experiences or diversity of skills of your unique story. Harness the power of your business’s future.

We are expert storytellers that build relationships to take your business into the future.

Case Study


Read our storytelling case study on how FacebookLive impacted this business.

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popunion_logo_purple-grey_mediumMegan was instrumental in establishing Pop Union’s online presence through social media. With her help, we were able to build a sound social media strategy that has helped us successfully navigate the early phases of our start-up development and meaningfully engage with our first-followers. Thanks to her foresight and expertise, we now have the social media tools and insights we need to grow our business both online and offline.

Bec McHenry, Director, Pop Union

“Megan and I worked together to co-write one of our national Spark workshops: ‘How to Write an Authentic Story.’ I knew the freelancers in attendance would love the chance to discuss how they engage their audiences, but was awed by the sudden increase in online engagement with us via the event hashtag, #FreelanceSpark! Megan’s event was the first to spur a real national discussion.”

Sharon Bruce, Member Engagement Associate, Freelancers Union
NES_FA-721x1024Megan’s work mentoring me in Twitter has been transformative – it kinda kicked my ass into this millenium! So, short version: work with Megan on Twitter, she rocks, you’ll love it, it’ll work!

I came to Megan as a creative business owner with a big need to get the word out and no money to do it through traditional advertising. I had loads of marketing experience but no experience with Twitter.

I was dubious about Twitter’s power, and nervous about messing something up – if my business failed somehow on social media, I wouldn’t be able to wind back the clock.

Megan was just what I needed. She’s super-smart, so she could frame the whole social media landscape for me, making it digestible and relatable. It was empowering to have a ‘friend on the inside’, and one who thinks deeply about meaning, community, and people’s relationships to products and services.

From big-picture, strategic conversations to the most basic technical aspects of tweeting, direct messaging, and hashtags, Megan’s mentoring has made Twitter my most powerful digital marketing tool, and made me a serious devotee to its curatorial and networking power – it makes Facebook feel as dumb as a phonebook!
Jay Chubb, Nest Coworking

Real SEO logo FAI’ve been working in web marketing for eight years and all it took was a day session with Megan to completely change my entire approach. If you’re involved in business, arts, music, politics or just have a message to get out there, I highly recommend soaking up some knowledge from Megan!

Joe Simmonds, SEO Success

“Megan has a fantastic ability to break down the essential ingredients of what makes a compelling and engaging story, and provide the tools and confidence to enable others to become storytellers. It was a pleasure working with her!”

Natalie Falzon, Social Innovation Manager, Telstra Foundation

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