Your Story Is Powerful, Your Narrative Is Unstoppable.

We are expert storytellers that build relationships to take your business into your desired future state.

What is a narrative? A narrative is an un-resolvable statement that drives a collection of stories forward. A narrative lifts a brand from a product or service into a movement. A story on its own is powerful, an ongoing collection of stories is momentum.

We find the authentic stories sitting within your business and transition them into clear messages for internal communications and marketing campaigns.

Stories are not born in a magical puff of smoke; they are created with a process. Our Strategic Narrative Sessions define the vision for an organisation or business’s future.

Stories are created by a cast of multiple characters and plotlines. We shift through these authentic stories to find the ones that best support your values and goals.

Combine this strong story with a sticky message and you get attention. Attention leads to retention in your client or team’s memory, the most precious real estate that you can own.

A strategic narrative can assist you with any of the following

  • Culture change projects for organisations and government sector

  • Internal communication for organisations

  • Story based marketing campaigns for businesses and organisations

  • Skills training with business storytelling

Storytelling is future proofing your brand.

It is possible to copy a website’s look and feel. A competitor may develop a similar product or service. But no other business or organisation will have the experiences or diversity of your unique story. We are the editor to take your story to the next level!

We are expert storytellers that build relationships to take your business into your desired future.

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Megan has the capacity to gather threads and weave a story; a good story. Her ability to listen and hear and then articulate what is important, really important, is nothing short of amazing. As a new business, the narrative strategy for my marketing provided me with a solid marketing tool which gave me confidence moving forward. Three years on, I regularly come back to the plan for clarity and confirmation that I’m on track with future planning.

Angie Chong, The Humble Dumpling

It is possible to make an authentic, provoking and entertaining story from anything – even an alcohol harm minimisation project. The Narrative Strategy has helped me understand the importance of using story to help create culture change. An authentic story makes people want to be a part of the experience and they start to see the narratives in their own lives.

Davey Wilson, Health Promotion Officer, City of Whittlesea

Spendlove and Lamb helped our committee identify their common purpose and key message, which individual members then built their personal story around. We have used this to tell stories to 20 different internal teams in our organisation, resulting in a massive shift in attitudes and support for what we are trying to change. Our narrative strategy has gotten everyone on the same page and identifying what’s interesting about our story or message. Cutting through the ordinary to find the extraordinary.

Virginia E. Richardson, Disability Community Inclusion Metroaccess, Mornington Penisula Shire

Megan’s passion for storytelling was evident in all of the workshops she ran with us for the Telstra Foundation. She helped even the most reluctant participants become successful presenters and communicators over the course of only a few days. We look forward to collaborating with her in the future!

Kelsey Schwenk, Business Design Director, Thick

My list of words to describe Megan From Spendlove and Lamb – Honest, Storyteller Rockstar, Unique, Creative, Playful, Smiles, Good eye for detail, Passion, Great on stage or a panel, Social Media, Podcast, Workshops, Education.

Ray Milidoni, Marketing Consultant and Razor Sharp Show Co-Host

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