This case study tells the story of public education and influence campaign with the Mornington Peninsula Shire. The focus of this campaign is creating a unifying narrative message for the unique stories of a committee of individuals with disabilities. They were planning a 4-year process of public education to ensure people with disabilities had equal access to public facilities and transport. The individuals were planning on public speaking to spread the awareness to make change.

Virginia E. Richardson works with the Disability Community Inclusion Metroaccess project at the Mornington Peninsula Shire located on the Victoria coast 70 kilometres outside of Melbourne, Australia. The All Abilities Consultative Committee is part of this project and has been meeting quarterly for 3 years. The committee has been consulting with the council to bring education and public awareness to the changes that were needed in the area to ensure that people with a range of disabilities had equal access to public facilities.

The committee decided they needed an education and awareness campaign to get important messages out into the community.

They wanted to present their perspective of living with a disability from personal lived experience using the power of storytelling. They wanted to touch on a number of issues that resonate with multiple audiences on an emotional and personal level.

The group decided they would like to work on an education campaign through a variety of methods, such as videos, public speaking, a short film, a Q&A forum and social media.

They needed an overarching narrative to unify the committee member’s unique experiences. Each of the members had different experiences such as being deaf, blind, or have intellectual or physical conditions.

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