This early stage case study tells the story of a youth alcohol change project with City of Whittlesea, YSAS and VicHealth. The focus of this campaign is getting disengaged young people thinking about how they can create connection and ease loneliness without using alcohol as a way to socialise with other people.


Davey Wilson is the project lead on a youth alcohol culture change project at the council of Whittlesea in the northern suburbs of Melbourne Australia. VicHealth’s Alcohol Cultures Grant is an LGA funding stream aimed at reducing harm from alcohol among targeted subcultures. The target group for our initiative is young people aged 14 to 18 who are disengaged or at risk of being disengaged from study, training or work.

Despite evidence suggesting that young people are drinking less, there are vulnerable groups that still experience high levels of harm. This project has a strong focus on reducing inequities in harm from alcohol by targeting a group that has traditionally not been reached.

Read the full case study here and find out how we created a narrative to assist Davey, YSAS and VicHealth on this very important issue facing marginalised young people today.

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