Megan Davis, Lead Storyteller of Spendlove and Lamb has been interviewed and featured in a number of podcasts, conducts workshops, jumps on stage for public speaking and joins in on panel discussions. Our Lead Storyteller is always keen is spread the word of story! Want to schedule her for a presentation, interview or speaking engagement? Get in touch!

The Professional Empathy Podcast

Megan Davis speaks with empathy expert, Leanne Butterworth on the topic of empathy in storytelling. We discuss: How do you grow your business? How do you communicate your vision to your potential customers? How do you emotionally engage them in your brand and your mission? With storytelling. And you cannot tell a good story without empathy. To truly engage your audience you must first understand them. In this episode I speak with Megan Davis about how empathy is vital for good storytelling and the success of your business.

Listen to the episode here.

Brand Builders With Trevor Young

Megan Davis shares her thoughts with host Trevor Young of Brand Builders on Ticker TV about the importance of storytelling and creating an ideal future state for a brand.

Subtle Disruptors

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Listen here : Tapping into narrative to compel and connect – SD74

Megan Davis spoke with podcast host Adam Murray about my favourite subjects, narrative as business strategy! Most organisations have a mission statement, vision statement, values, and now even a purpose. But as useful as they are in setting the direction of an organisation, they can be very difficult to recall without having them in front of you. They tend to become dry bits of information in and of themselves, but when brought together with a relevant story they become full of life and meaning.

Pause Fest : 2016

Megan Davis co-hosted the satellite event, The Explainer Video Explained at the 2016 Pause Fest with collaboration partner extraordinaire Tania Sheward. A huge thank you to Alvaro Del Campo from quickclips for this beautiful video! It was an honour to be included!

Pecha Kucha

Megan Davis spoke at Pecha Kucha in April 2014 at Nest Coworking. This lovely video explores the vibe of the evening. A big thank you to Natalie Erika James & Benjamin Morgan for producing the video.

Network Building

Build your network in 5 easy steps. We are nothing without great people around us! Thank you to Claire Stone from Stonechase Films for the video!


Podcast Interview: The Razor Sharp Show – 

Ep 020: The Power Of Podcasting With Steve Glaveski, Logan Merrick, Megan Davis, And Ray Milidoni

Interested in starting a podcast – or being a guest on a podcast – to help grow your business? Then this panel session on podcasting is a must listen. I was a guest on this Panel Discussion Deep Dive Episode of the Razor Sharp Show. We cover how to start a podcast, what to do when things go wrong, producing engaging and authentic content, building your audience, and more!

Listen here!


Podcast Interview: The Razor Sharp Show – 

Ep 010: The Power Of Storytelling, Relax And Just Do It With Megan Davis

Ray Milidoni of the Razor Sharp Show and Megan Davis discuss the power of storytelling and why you can not BS people anymore and need to be authentic.

Listen here!


Podcast Interview: The Razor Sharp Show – 

Ep 011 : Telling Your Story With Megan Davis

In this Deep Dive edition of The Razor Sharp Show, Matt Romania chats to lead storyteller at Spendlove and Lamb, Megan Davis, about storytelling for business – why and how!

Listen here!

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