People forget information and remember stories.

Why is this? It is difficult to retain information on its own. Attaching key data points to a story creates a sticky message that is simple to understand and repeat. Why, because people forget information and remember stories.

Let’s test this idea. Try to remember an exact number from a statistic in a report or article you read recently. Now try and remember how many dwarves Snow White lived with and how many bears Goldilocks encountered in a cottage in the woods.

Your answers may sound something like this – Can’t remember, 7 and 3. Sound about right?

Storytelling is key to creating effective, sticky messages that leave a lasting impression.

This is what makes us unique to everyone else. We use the power of narrative to create meaningful relationships, convey messages and make information stick.

Imagine creating a series of videos to explain your product or service using a cliffhanger* at the end of each episode, encouraging your audience to watch the whole series to see what happens next. Envision a newsletter that conveys the ‘why’ you do in a fun easy to style, much like chapters in a book. Or how about a social media campaign that connects the dots between your business story and your clients lives in an authentic, human centred narrative?

Ok, we know what you are thinking, this sounds a bit fluffy. How do stories do all of this? According to novelist and neurologist, Robert Burton, when we hear something with a beginning, middle, and an end, we get a hit of dopamine. Dopamine is our natural feel-good, high chemical. This is why we love and are addicted to stories. From childhood fairy tales to novels to TV shows and movies, stories have us hooked.

From an evolutionary standpoint getting high on stories makes sense. Stories serve many purposes in society. A few of the primary functions are to educate, inspire, motivate or entertain. A story that creates a shared point of view allows us to see from the same level of understanding. This is key to creating a culture of agreement and shared values.

That is why we exist! Our magical, rainbow coloured story-timers at Spendlove and Lamb are here to provide services in –

  • Narrative Strategies – Tell The Right Story To Right People to move your business forward
  • Content Production – Create content that conveys information through a story.
  • Social Media Creation and Management – We tell the ongoing story of your business via your social media channels
  • Workshops – Learn The Art Of Storytelling, Tell Your Story Via Social Media and More
  • Team Building – Learn how to connect your team to your vision via storytelling!


  1. a melodramatic adventure serial in which each instalment ends in suspense in order to interest the reader or viewer in the next instalment.
  2. 2. a situation or contest of which the outcome is suspensefully uncertain up to the very last moment: The game was a cliff-hanger, but our team finally won.