“Great sales people sell futures not products or services.”

We build stories for innovators using frameworks and strategies to bring your vision of the future to life.

Working in the innovation space can feel lonely. You strive to roll out a new project that solves a client’s problem, only to have them shy away from the solution because it hasn’t been done before. Change is critical to the evolution the business, but difficult to get buy in when the staff or client feel threatened.  

Stories are the solution. 

Help your staff or clients get over the fear of the unknown. Stories are what make the unknown, known.

Illustrating the new future your innovation creates with stories makes the intangible real, tactile and understood. From strategies, frameworks, training and content we have the tools you need for success!

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Narrative Strategy

A narrative strategy creates a structure for ongoing communication and relationship building. The system guides storytelling in a purposeful way to connect with your target audience and allow them to become part of your story.

Story Coaching

Our story coaching service offers personal branding, professional development, and organisational communication strategy. From writing a personal story to a presentation, we have a solution to help you stand out. In this exciting commercial environment, it is more important than ever to effectively present a unique story to the world.
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