We don’t teach people how to use storytelling.

We teach people how to think about using storytelling!

From Creativity and Innovation to Empathy and Storytelling, we can teach you how to communicate your story to the world!

All of the current out-of-the-box products listed below can be delivered at your workplace or event. Simply contact us with your preference and dates to get the ball rolling.

Scroll down to view our out of the box services for –

  • Narrative Development
  • Creativity
  • Storytelling
  • Empathy and Advanced Innovation Storytelling Techniques

If you have a training requirement that is not listed below please get in touch, we do custom design workshops on a number of subjects. Contact us with any questions!

2 Hour Workshop – Divergent Thinking: The Interactive Board Game

We work with your team to create opportunities for divergent thinking through narrative. Our approach is to take your team on a journey of exploration that uncovers their natural storytelling abilities. The process unlocks divergent thinking skills which are central to nurturing creativity, collective thinking, and understanding that there can be multiple good paths to a single desired outcome. 

Cross the mystery-solving component of Clue plus the imaginary world-building of role-playing games and you have our board game! Learn the fundamentals of divergent thinking via an interactive storytelling board game. Each player will participate in creating a narrative that has a theme and a compelling message. Our interactive board game trains groups at scale the fundamentals of storytelling, story structure and facilitates divergent thinking. The game is played with 2 or 3 teams of 10 people each depending on numbers of players.

The learning objectives include:

  • Learning the basic components of a story – Create A Sticky Core Message using a formula
  • Create an empathy centric focus with our Audience First Storytelling Methodology
  • Define Story Structure using our simple format – of Storyteller (Or Voice), Theme and Story Type
  • Explore Divergent thinking models and exercise creativity 

Stories are what create and maintain cultures. They shape not only how we see ourselves, but how we see the world. Storytelling is core to communicating effectively, taps into our innate creativity, facilitates cohesion and understanding. The core deliverables of the game teach divergent thinking, creativity, and storytelling as a tool for leadership skills that our future demands.


This sesssion can be run in-house in your business in organisation.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your date.

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Introduction to Storytelling!

1.5 Hour Time Investment

Learn how to communicate your unique value proposition in this introduction to the power of your team’s story.

Capture – Defining Your Moment In Time

We capture and define the stories that convey the value and core messages of your team’s work. This workshop teaches the fundamentals of storytelling in an interactive experience based workshop. We work with your team to build the storytelling confidence and skills that connect data to the right story to provide context and meaning to the broader organisation.

Through a simple 3 part process we will learn how to deploy all of the story gold sitting within your business unit. We will chart your stories on a map to ensure they connect to your audience of customers and coworkers.

The learning objectives include –

Learning the basic components of a story – Create A Sticky Core Message using our signature formula

Create a customer centric focus with our Audience First Storytelling Methodology Clarify the types of messages that appeal to each stakeholder group, i.e, coworkers and customers.

Plot the key information for story takeaways for each audience group

Workshop exercise in simple story construction with story + sharing time to build confidence and workshop their stories to refine understanding and build communication skills

Learning the fundamentals of storytelling in a fun and interactive way will facilitate change in your organisation, business or life through the power of story.

Process And Deliverables

  • One hour meeting to establish the core training objectives, What unique communication problems are we solving,
  • What is are the roles and background of the team
  • Deliver 1.5-hour workshop + Worksheets for each participant
  • Feedback Phone Call after the session


This session can be run in-house in your business in organisation.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your date.

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Advanced Storytelling For Innovation Empathy Framework

Full -Day Master Class


How do we create innovative products and services that will solve big problems? 

By understanding the connection between empathy, storytelling and innovation. Stories are the only tool we have to create connection. Connection creates understanding, understanding creates agreement and agreement facilitates action towards a shared goal that brings new innovations into being. 

Our framework for innovation storytelling fits into your workflow. This framework sits within the double diamond to create systems for sharing knowledge acquired through the journey. The process unlocks empathy skills which are central to nurturing creativity and deep insights needed to build desired solutions. 

Storytelling Framework Training

  • Define A Project Hook With A Story Headline 
  • Create an emotional character for a persona 
  • Learn two storytelling frameworks that provide empathy touch points within the double diamond process, using our method – empathy flowers and iteration trees framework 
  • Extending role playing knowledge and abilities by crafting meaningful persona dialogue for deeper insights 

Storytelling Output Training

  • A framework for ‘pitching ‘ ideas for presentations to sell or create buy-in 
  • Explore the link between systems thinking and non-linear storytelling frameworks. Create qualitative data from the stories we collect and the impact on complex systems 
  • Design Fiction – produce a vision of a new world to facilitate product understanding and buy in with stories to illustrate what it feels like to arrive a new future. This content can be videos, animations, comic books, role playing and more. 

Here is what past participants have said!

“Using narratives and non-linear storytelling to build collective stories, i.e. ‘What can we build together!’

– Anonymous – WorkSafe Victoria, Australia 

“I was looking for a method that allowed empathy to be transmitted into my work. Not just a tool to design better but as the true purpose of my design. Megan confirmed what I was thinking and enriched my perspective stories are essential, stories can do great things.”

– Marco Regis, Strategic & UX Designer, Eupragma, Udine, Italy 


This session can be run in-house in your business in organisation.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your date.

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