We don’t teach people how to use storytelling.

We teach people how to think about using storytelling!

From Creativity and Innovation to Empathy and Storytelling, we can teach you how to communicate your story to the world!

All of the current out-of-the-box products listed below can be delivered at your workplace or event. Simply contact us with your preference and dates to get the ball rolling. If you require a custom workshop, get in touch, we will be able to design a workshop that suits your needs!

Scroll down to view our out of the box services for –

  • Narrative Development
  • Creativity
  • Storytelling
  • Empathy and Advanced Storytelling Techniques

If you have a training requirement that is not listed below please get in touch, we do custom design workshops on a number of subjects. Contact us with any questions!

2 Hour Workshop – Divergent Thinking: The Interactive Board Game

In creative problem solving we are encouraged to produce the largest number of ideas possible before refining these ideas down to the come to the best possible solution. The process of coming up with a multitude of creative ideas is known as ‘Divergent Thinking’ and the narrowing down process is known as ‘Convergent Thinking’.

Both Divergent Thinking and Convergent Thinking are cornerstone concepts within design disciplines such as Service Design and are often represented by a diamond shape.

So how do you come up with the most number of ideas when trying to uncover a creative solution?

At our workshop, Divergent Thinking: An Interactive Storytelling Boardgame, you’ll explore:

  • Different Divergent Thinking models and how these will be used in leadership and jobs in the future
  • The basic concepts of a story:
    • Creating a sticky core message
    • Defining a story structure: a voice, theme, and story type
  • The link between narratives and meaning
  • The impact of solutions using storytelling and how this evokes ideas and action


This sesssion can be run in-house in your business in organisation.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your date.

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Introduction to Storytelling!

1.5 Hour Time Investment

Learn how to communicate your unique value proposition in this introduction to the power of your team’s story.

Capture – Defining Your Moment In Time

We capture and define the stories that convey the value and core messages of your team’s work. This workshop teaches the fundamentals of storytelling in an interactive experience based workshop. We work with your team to build the storytelling confidence and skills that connect data to the right story to provide context and meaning to the broader organisation.

Through a simple 3 part process we will learn how to deploy all of the story gold sitting within your business unit. We will chart your stories on a map to ensure they connect to your audience of customers and coworkers.

The learning objectives include –

Learning the basic components of a story – Create A Sticky Core Message using our signature formula

Create a customer centric focus with our Audience First Storytelling Methodology Clarify the types of messages that appeal to each stakeholder group, i.e, coworkers and customers

Plot the key information for story takeaways for each audience group

Workshop exercise in simple story construction with story + sharing time to build confidence and workshop their stories to refine understanding and build communication skills

Learning the fundamentals of storytelling in a fun and interactive way will facilitate change in your organisation, business or life through the power of story.

Process And Deliverables

  • One hour meeting to establish the core training objectives, What unique communication problems are we solving,
  • What is are the roles and background of the team
  • Create Custom Slides based on goals and meeting prep and send for approval
  • Deliver 1.5-hour workshop + Worksheets for each participant
  • Feedback Phone Call after the session


This session can be run in-house in your business in organisation.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your date.

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Advanced Storytelling For Innovation Empathy Framework

Full Day Master Class: 6 hours + 1 hour break

Learn how to master the use of empathy in design by harnessing the power of storytelling.

Harnessing the power of innovation and storytelling produces collaboration, creativity and a shared vision for the future. How does storytelling create value for the greater good of our projects, organisations and teams?

By creating a connection between empathy and innovation, designers are able to understand how stories are used to step into the shoes of users and create solutions that not only meet their needs, but also delight.

Storytelling Framework Training

  • An understanding of the Sticky Message Formula
  • Create a connection-centric focus with the Audience First© Storytelling Methodology
  • Learn the storytelling framework that provides empathy touch points within the entire double diamond process
  • Unlock the power of creativity to inspire divergent thinking and story-driven collaboration and
  • Gain the knowledge to use storytelling as a proper tool in the double diamond process

Storytelling Output Training

  • Educational aid: what is changing or different for internal communications
  •  A framework for ‘pitching ‘ ideas for presentations to sell or create buy-in
  • Creating a connected road map for the innovation journey, stories of where we have been and where we are going
  •  Design Fiction: a way of exploring the future, creating science fiction style stories to illustrate what it feels like to arrive in an ideal future we are co-creating together.

Public Workshop Dates

Join us in Sydney for a public workshop on August 14th, buy your ticket here.


This session can be run in-house in your business in organisation.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your date.

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Are you ready to Break Out?

13 August | Northcote Town Hall

I will be running a session on Narrative based play and Divergent Thinking with the Break Out team in August.

We are breaking out of the same-old habitual thinking to invite in a rich world of possibility!

Join IDEO partner, Brendan Boyle and world-renowned play researcher, Dr Stuart Brown alongside a smorgasbord of different break-out facilitators to beef up your play tool kit!

What to expect at Break Out:

(And why your boss should pay for it)

  • Dive into the science of play by leading play researcher Dr Stuart Brown
  • Explore the intersection of play and innovation with IDEO partner, Brendan Boyle
  • Learn from playful facilitators with a breadth of knowledge in all things play, creativity and innovation
  • Get insights into how to build your play toolkit and your “PQ: Play Quotient”
  • Meaningful connections with other playful, creative professionals
  • Understand how to inject play into your life to improve connections, spark creativity and be more effective

For more information and to buy your ticket visit their site