What is letting go? It doesn’t refer to everything, it means removing what is not essential. What is not essential? It is things that consume your time and energy without fulfilling you or moving you forward.

So for example, writing a book can be very time consuming, but it also fulfils a deep desire within you to share your story. On the other hand a project you are creating for a client may pay the bills, but does not move you towards your ultimate goal for your business. While this may meet a short-term goal of making money, it doesn’t meet the longer term vision for your life. So your next question should be, is it time to let it go?

Life is a constant balancing act between the ‘now’ and our ‘future’. Let go of the things that you do not need so you have the time and space in your life to nurture the things that will fulfill you for years from now.

What is one thing that you can let go of now that will ultimately make you feel better? Do not worry about other’s expectations for you. You do not need to understand anyone but yourself.

What is important to you? Share content that you find truly valuable, don’t worry about the current trends or lists that people are reading. What do you truly want to share. Authenticity builds trust, which builds long-term relationships.

So go on, let go!

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