Be flexible, be positive and let all of your expectations go. When traveling you can end up anywhere. And this ‘anywhere’ is usually never where we think it will be. We will make the wrong choice, commit too soon and get lost.

All of this is good for you. Getting lost takes you to places you never knew existed. Saying yes quickly means that we will have a variety of experiences we wouldn’t otherwise. Letting go of your expectations means you will not be disappointed.

This is what I like to call the exhaustion of choice. Traveling can really bring it out. Where should you eat, where should you stay, are you seeing everything thing you should.

Don’t forget why you set out on the open road in the first place. Experience something new, see things you didn’t know were there and try not to worry.

Remember to keep your mind open, rest and unplug. Choice is good, no matter how tiring it can be.

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