And then it happened…

I used to think that the most magical phrase in storytelling was, ‘What happened next?’

But now I understand that we need the release from the next and the new of each chapter. We need to pause for a moment in a place and rest before the next twist and turn.

“I decided to stop trying and focus on me, and then it just happened…”

“I realized that I had been asleep for years, and then I just woke up…”

“The eagle turned as it flew, tipping it’s body slightly and then it happened…

I have heard all of these phrases in the past week. I realised that some of the most memorable moments we have is not the ‘thing’ that happened. It is the moment just before the event.

In a few days I will be on a plane. I am at a moment of rest before a huge adventure. I am at the point in my own life story where I am about to say, “And then it happened…”

But what I wonder will ‘it’ be. I don’t know, but I bet it will be one hell of a ride.

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