Automate to proliferate.

I figured out along time ago that people who appeared to be doing well for themselves had a lot of time.

They took long lunches, sat in long meetings and spent time in other people’s offices chatting. To be fair most of these people have staff taking care of them as well. However, they are not sitting there managing them. The staff are working away and know what they have to do because there are processes in place.

Work smarter, not harder. That is my motto. There are so many apps, web platforms, web browser extensions and curating tools available. All you have to do is ask the question.

Why is this taking me so long?

I wonder if there is an app for that?

The answer will usually be yes.

If there isn’t an app for it, create it! It could be answer to yours and many other people’s problems.

Get the platform in action and start automating. Don’t do any work that you don’t have to.

Then allow yourself to indulge in a long lunch or spend a little extra time with your clients on the phone, go on you have earned it.

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