When you are scheduling content remember to relax and enjoy yourself. If you don’t have a sense of playfulness, it will be obvious you are just scheduling for content for the sake of it.

There are plenty of ways to schedule content and lots of ways to set up content streams to farm content from. One of my new favourites is Content Gems. You can set up a list of content that can be easily customised and sent directly to a scheduling platform like Hootsuite or Buffer.

Let the platforms find the content, the next step is to let your followers know why you chose to share it with them. Your ‘why’ is the important part. Take the next important step and personalise it. Don’t just pump out content for the sake of it. It is important that a sense of you plays through it all. If there is sense of personality behind the post people are less likely to gloss over it.

We respond to conversation tones, opinions and ideas. Endless streams of headlines only compete with all of the other endless streams of headlines out there.

Stand out by putting your two cents in. There is a reason why the content you are posting appeals to you. Let us know what you think.

Think of it like a cycle, if you enjoy the process, your followers will enjoy reading your content.

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