“Why would anyone care about me? Why would anyone be interested to hear what I have to say?”

A few weeks ago I shared the stage with Ray Milidoni at the  RC Coworking space as a guest speaker to The Entrepreneurs Social Club. We chatted about digital marketing to a packed room of almost 200 entrepreneurs. A young man leaned forward and asked, “What is the most popular question Australians ask in your social media training workshops?”

Essentially people are people. We all are living on this big blue ball together and many of our experiences are universal. But I did notice while training internationally, different countries had different themes.

In New York it was, “I don’t want to seem fake or unauthentic.”

In London it was, “How do I protect myself or not offend anyone online.”

In Berlin it was, “How do I know if I am secure online, how do I know that I am safe and my online identity is protected?”

What is the bigger statement here? We are all afraid of exposing our soft under bellies. We don’t want to be made vulnerable to judgment.

How do we protect ourselves online? For the most part we don’t need to, no one cares about ourselves as much as we do. It is a very rare occasion that someone is waiting for us to make a post so they can leave a negative comment. The truth is that we are our own worst critics.

The fears we have of being judged are really based on our own judgments of ourselves. Put your own judgments of yourself aside. Connect with the stories you have inside of you and put them out into the world. There is no need to worry, most feedback from your followers or readers is gentle in nature and well meaning.

If your story is important to you, it will be important to someone else. Don’t hesitate, put it out there and see what comes back to you.

(Featured in photo from left to right, Moderator Jessica Evans from The Media Institute, Ray Milidoni and myself Megan Davis. Image from tweet by Peter Reginald. A final big thank you to Jess Williams for all for your support and a lovely evening.)


  1. I really enjoyed the insight into the national “vulnerabilities” you shared on the night. It made me feel very different, more confident to publish content for the global community. Thank you Megan.

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