I hate writing; I love having written.

– Dorothy Parker

Stories are written behind locked doors in a room with windows drawn by a figure hunched over a desk. Their fingers flying over a keyboard, stopping only for food which is quickly eaten without even tasting it.

Sounds like fun right? Wrong! It doesn’t sound fun at all. In fact many writers describe the act of writing as a process of that extracts it’s pound of flesh.

However, all great writers have great readers. Every story comes into this world with a support system around them. Writers share their stories with treasured friends, editors, agents and publishers who help them shape their narratives as they come to life. That process of sharing is what keeps the writer from going insane and on track as they create their story.

Creating a story doesn’t have to be hard or lonely. I have created a way for people to come together in a collaborative way to tell a single story. I have developed an interactive board game to train teams of people the fundamentals of story structure. We then take the story structure and connect it to a narrative that connects to a theme and delivers a clear message.

Stories are what create and maintain cultures. They shape not only how we see ourselves, but how we see the world.

Storytelling is part of communicating effectively, as well as create cultures around our collective narrative.  Learning the fundamentals of storytelling in a fun and interactive way will facilitate change in your organisation through the power of story.

This is only the first chapter, stay tuned to hear what happens next!

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