What is Snap Chat?

Have you snapped anyone lately? This doesn’t mean participating a heated discussion or argument. Snapping is messaging via the app SnapChat. If you haven’t had time to explore this mystifying platform, read on!

Snap Chat is a video and photo-based messaging app. The reason why people and brands are flocking to it is because it is one of the only social media platforms that offer true storytelling capabilities. How is that you ask? Isn’t it just a private messaging app for teenagers and uni students. Technically yes and yes, but it is also so much more!

The gold of SnapChat the ‘Stories’ function. Stories give people the ability to publish live content to a story that can be viewed by anyone who has added you on SnapChat. The public nature of a ‘story’ means that it is a good way to ‘show’ people snippets of your life.

Keep it ‘Snappy’

When telling your story on SnapChat be snappy, consistent and fun! Add different people into the mix with interviews, as well as thoughts from yourself. One of the central tenets of storytelling is showing and not telling your audience what is going on.

You get 10 seconds per snap before the app stops your ability to record more. That is fine, just add your snap to your story and continue by recording your next snap. Each snap is only visible for 24 hours after publishing, but the beauty of the story function is the ability to continuously add content. This leads to continuity and higher engagement with people returning to see what happens next!

‘Show’ Don’t ‘Tell’

What is ‘Showing’ vs ‘Telling’? Telling is explaining or describing something that could be conveyed better visually or through action.

For example, you are enjoying an evening on the town. Filming a menu and various shots of food as it arrives at the table ‘shows’ people that you are having a meal out. ‘Telling’ would be a shot of just your face as you explain you are in a restaurant waiting to have dinner. Showing people what the restaurant actually looks like and the action of receiving food is more interesting than you explaining this in isolation.

That does not mean that there should never be elements of ‘telling’ in your snaps. There are times when it is important to add commentary so viewers understand what you are showing them. Say during our hypothetical dinner a dish arrives at the table only to be removed untouched a few moments later. This is where added commentary is important to ‘show’ your audience why that happened. It would be important to say to the camera, “We ordered the crab but received lobster accidentally, so we have sent it back to the kitchen. We can’t wait to try the crab here, this place is famous for it.”

The reason this isn’t ‘telling’ is because the comments explain something that you would not be able to understand otherwise. While ‘telling’ supports the action, it should never replace it.

Get Personal With Your Story

One of the most powerful aspects of storytelling with SnapChat is the ability to use it as a diary. Use it to share your thoughts or interview people who your audience might find interesting. For light-hearted interviews use a filter for a bit of fun. Personal thoughts can offer insight into ‘why’ you do what you do. It is a fun way to share what makes you tick and what your daily life is like.

Is It For Me?

The short answer is yes. Everyone from financial planners to entrepreneurs to health and wellness professionals are on SnapChat. The question is not, ‘Is SnapChat for me? The question is, “What can SnapChat do for me?” The answer to that will vary, but the apps ability to deliver engagement and followers does not.

More Information

If you are interested in learning more about SnapChat and live in Melbourne I run workshops, check out the next date Workshops here. All you need to bring is something to take notes on and your smartphone with SnapChat pre-downloaded.

Happy Snapping!

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