“The universe provides, it opens windows, it gives us opportunities, I just put it out there and it responds.”

I hear statements similar to this on a regular basis. While I agree with the sentiment attached to the words, I would like to change the language used. I would like to use the word ‘community’ in place of  ‘universe’.

“My community provides, it opens windows, it gives me opportunities, I just put it out there and someone responds.”

The universe is a vast and complex organism of which we are an infinitesimal part. My small part of the universe is made up of people. When I need help or want something it is people who lend a hand, knowingly or unknowingly. I don’t want to argue against the idea of serendipity, I love when unexpected coincidences happen. However, you have to be looking for something in order for you to notice when it does come into your life.

Consciously put yourself out there and give someone else the chance to step up. It can be in the form of a Tweet, a post or just the good old fashion asking a question in a conversation.

Even random results come to those who are proactive, not passive. Drive your life, only you can be sure of were you want to ultimately go!

What do you need and who will you approach to achieve that goal!

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