This week in one word would be, ‘networking’. I have accepted a multitude of invites for various events in a very short period of time.  An invitation is an act of generosity and it is always a pleasure to be asked.

It is lovely to be included in various gatherings, however, I am not able to be part of every group. I must decide which situation is best for me. I must ask myself, ‘Who can I add the most value to?’ This question is important when approaching any relationship. It is not about what they can give to you, rather what you can give to them. We are selective when we pick our friends, our partners or who to date.  The same rule applies to building our online network.

We can have 10,000 Twitter followers.  If they are not actually engaging with us or providing actual value to our lives, that number might as well be 0.

How do we build value into our social media networks? Think about what you can offer your followers. Can you provide information and inspiration? Can you connect with potential collaborators?

Unfortunately we don’t know what will come from any of our meetings. We have all made decisions that have lead us to meeting our best friends or the love of our lives. We don’t know anything for certain. All we have is choices and we have to make the best decisions possible with the information we have. We remember the past and dream of the future. Now is happening now and we can only do what feels right.

Look out for opportunities for others and they will look out for you. Share insights, knowledge, contacts and successes. Generosity breeds more generosity.

What value do you provide your followers online? Add value to your online interactions and they will give back to you.

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