One word is all you need to make a connection. One word can make people sit up, take notice and introduce themselves. We don’t need a lot of words to describe ourselves. We need one perfect word.

What is your word? Mine is ‘story’.

Discovering your word is not a simple task. It is an ongoing process. Start by asking yourself some questions. What makes you tic? What turns your head? What makes you feel good?

Write down words that come up as you ask questions. Keep digging, don’t stop at the first layer. Keep going. What do you love? How you do what you do? Where would you would like to be?

Start focusing on the words that resonate with you. When you have two stop. You might need them both. If one has more meaning for you, get rid of the extra one. Keep the one word. Work this word into your the next post, tweet or article. See who notices it and let me know what happens next!

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