Free workshop at NAB Village May 8th!

Now that I have your attention, a bit of info! As you all know, I am deeply, madly, completely addicted to storytelling. Now I want to hear your story! I will be at NAB Village on May 8th in room number 8. I want to hang out with you and record your story on an App developed by Story Corps. Story Corps, a podcast on NPR has been recording and broadcasting people’s stories for over 10 years.

Dave Isay, the founder and president of StoryCorps, was awarded the $1 million TED Prize, given to one person each year as a means to grant their big wish for the world. Dave wants to give everyone the opportunity to record and tell their story. And I want to help him!

For more insight into Story Corps and their app, listen to this podcast, it will make you laugh, cry and understand how necessary it is to unearth the beautiful stories we all have in us! It is called ‘StoryCorps 420: TED-time Stories’ just scroll down it is the third interview on their site. You can also watch Dave Isay’s TED talk if you wish!

Join me from 10:30 to 4:00 on Friday May the 8th and I will use the App to record your story. I would like to tell you more, but you will have to register to find out!

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