I want to be wrong. I want to become flexible, learn and grow. If you are always right then there is never a new point of view to consider or a new way of doing things. Being wrong is the place to be. It means you have new options to consider and new lessons to learn. It is ok to be wrong sometimes. It means that we should be aware of the possibility of something that we didn’t know existed. It is ok to get lost and to explore. Being wrong means being flexible and understanding that in order to grow one must bend to new ideas. Growth often comes from a place of pressure and pressure creates flow. Flow is like yoga. Yoga stops us from becoming brittle or unable to bend. It is not always necessary to fight and try to hold a position, try understanding and learning how you may or may not be able to support a position. Growth comes as we find our feet in a new situation or place. Learn to support your story, but don’t forget to bend and grow. Learn by listening. If your community isn’t responding to your posts ask yourself why? Is it because I am not clear in explaining why it is of value, is my community’s needs changing or am I changing. Keep tabs on this by checking in with yourself and your community. Life is a process of trial and error, it is ok to be wrong as long as you try to make it right!

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