What is the poetry inside impossible things? Poetry in very simple terms is tiny pieces of meaning that add up to a larger picture. They are the little bits that add up to something larger than ourselves.

Take for example each idea contained in the stanza’s of this poem by Rumi.

Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy,
absentminded. Someone sober
will worry about things going badly.
Let the lover be.

– Rumi

We all want to belong to something greater than ourselves. This is the poetry in the things that appear to be impossible.

It can be easy to get trapped in patterns or cycles. Patterns can feel comfortable but if our desires lie off our current path, it can make them feel impossible.

To make the impossible possible we must break free of the our tired cycles. The well worn paths under our feet we cannot see. What happens when we decide to leap off this path. Where do we go when this happens?

Leaving a path can feel like meandering, in this case it is exploring. Exploring can bring us closer to goals. Staying locked in a cycle eventually leads us back to the beginning of where we started. They can be so big in fact, it is possible to confuse the cycle for forward motion. If a years time if everything feels eerily familiar it is because the circle is so big it is hard to see the curve in the bend.

Form a new path by planning for the future. Dream up a place that seems impossible and then set off to find it. All change starts with something that feels just beyond our reach.

Imagine something that is completely new. Something you didn’t even think was possible. Make it possible and abandon the old cycle, this is when a new one can be forged!

This is where the poetry comes back into the equation. Poetry is made of all of the little fragments of the bigger story. We must collect them to make sense of the new territory we are exploring. The small pieces of meaning collected together create something bigger than ourselves. That is were all dreams begin. And the seed is planted that the impossible can become possible.

Go forth, explore and collect the poetry of your new dream.

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