Life is something that happens around us.

Why do I say life happens around us? The familiar colloquial term is ‘life happens to us’. I prefer the phrase life is happening around us because life is made of nuanced choices and decisions. Not just your own, but of the people around you. It is about having an active approach as opposed to a passive mindset about life.

Part of living well is living the story you want to tell. Having an active partnership with your life produces a narrative that you want to share with others.

This doesn’t mean telling stories that aren’t true; it is about creating a strategic approach to the way you tell your story. For example, writing posts which justify your pricing or why your product is superior is not creating a experience for others to join in on. Instead, try showing people how your life and your business work together through stories that feature how you value your work.

Edit your life to create meaningful stories that will appeal to your community. Show them what you are doing and why by focusing only on the parts of your life which creates value for the people you would like to appeal to.

So get out there, write, edit, post and repeat!

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