Save the Date!

 My Interactive Storytelling Workshop Date Is April 8th 2016, 4:30 – 6 pm!
This workshop is going to be fun. I can’t wait for you to join me at NAB Village room 5. If you don’t know which room that is don’t worry, there will be a sign. After the game stay for a drink or two. What a great way to finish off a week.

This workshop will be a live interactive board game experience. If you would like to play and bring a friend to play along, let me know. They are more than welcome, just hit the button below to register yourself and your friends!

If you can’t make this date, I am very sad to hear it! Hopefully you can play a game with me some other time. If you can make it and would like to attend please send me an email at megan @

When you register I will send you an update each week in the lead up to the event and give you a clue towards a problem we will be solving together. This week’s clue is –

What should each and every story have? Think about this, I want you to remember to bring a representation of this to our workshop. This could be anything. The actual object, a photo of it or something that reminds you of it. We will need these objects to play with in the workshop.

I can’t wait….

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