“Whatever You Are Seeking Is Seeking You.”

– Rumi

Rumi was a was a 13th-century Persian Sunni Muslim poet, among many other things. He was a very busy and talented man to say the very least. And he wrote the words quoted above. It is hard to imagine, but this statement has travelled through translations and centuries before it appeared in this post. Is it a bit mind boggling isn’t it? But we found each other none the less.

It seems logical and impossible at the same time. But it did, who we are looking for is, in turn, looking for the people who are like us. Rest assured they are out there.

Now the next question is why? Why or how did this statement find me, how did it come to my attention?

For me the answer is – 

  1. I found it interesting
  2. It responded to a question I had around how people manage to find and connect with the right people
  3. It excited my imagination
  4. That excitement lead me to write this so I could share it with you

Sharing content that excites and speaks to you is not new. In fact, this is an ancient practice that predates Facebook! This is why the beautiful poetry of Rumi exists in our world centuries after it was written. As new generations of people find him, they, in turn, share him and so on and so forth.

To spread your message, be like Rumi – 

  1. Fashion a straightforward and inspiring message or story
  2. Share it 
  3. Wait for it to come back to you

I know what you are thinking! How can I become a 13th-century mystic poet? It is ok; you don’t have to. We will take the points I made above and make them work for us in a modern context.

Your story must be simple so that people will remember it. It should also deliver a message that delights the individual who finds it. The surprising power of pleasure is unquantifiable.

I recently listened to a podcast featuring Adam Robinson. Robinson repeatedly stressed that giving the gift of unexpected pleasure will return to you in ways you could never foresee or expect. This will open doors and provide insurmountable opportunities for your future.

This brings me to the reason I am sharing Rumi’s quote with you. I am launching a new style of an agency, a storytelling agency. We do more than digital marketing; we create culture! We are expert storytellers that build relationships to take your business into the future.

We look at you, your business, project or service. We find the best story gems and fashion them into ongoing narrative content. We then find the best way to tell that story as serialised content. Like chapters in a book or the next episode of your favourite TV show. We will have the audience asking, ‘What happened next?’ and coming back for more!

From FacebookLive to newsletters, to a 360-degree video, each story is told through the medium that gives it the most power.

We monitor the story as it evolves to ensure it continues to delight your audience. We want them to share it with their community as well.

And this brings us back to the beginning, whatever you are seeking is seeking you.


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