I had a wonderful lunch this week with a woman who wants to start her own business. In the course of the afternoon we fearlessly tackled the big questions of life, love, death and new beginnings. This exploration was meant to help her understand how to approach the beginning of her business. In the end the simplest answer was the best and that is, start at the beginning.

Start writing your story. Start at the beginning. Your business is your story. When was the first time you sold something to someone else? Why did you do it? What has changed between the first business venture and why you are doing it now?

Learn to love and believe in your own story. We all have something to say. It is true that no one knows exactly what you know and no one can say it exactly the way you can.  Your view is uniquely yours.

Your identification with your own business will help others identify with you. People like doing business with people. And not just any people, good people, people like them. So get out there and let everyone know what kind of person you are.

Start at the beginning when telling your story online. Write it all down and then break it up into bite-sized pieces for the world to consume. Be it on Twitter, Facebook or your blog.

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