Twitter is rolling out changes to how your profile page looks and behaves. Your profile now has a larger header image to capitalise on when telling your business’s story. Popular Tweets will appear larger on the time line and important Tweets can be pinned the to the top of the page.

The new images tab has a pinterest like layout for photos and images. This allows for easier visual content sharing. This separation makes for a more powerful story telling tool for accounts with interesting visual output.

How will these changes not affect your business? Twitter or any other social media platform will always change. It will continually strive to make itself more relevant or more useful to you. However, all of the platform tweaking in the world will never replace one magic ingredient in your marketing. That ingredient is knowing cool people. Go out and find all of the greatest people you can and follow them. Talk to them, share information with them and invite them to participate in events.

Good people tend to know other good people. When you meet people online and in the real world, remember this! Collect these individuals and keep in touch, you never know when you might need each other!

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