Goal + Great Tools = Results!

Focus is everything!

Life can get overwhelming. How do we decide what is important at any one moment.

Keep your business goals and social media goals aligned. This can be achieved with focus.

We can’t be on every social media platform! Nor should we be. We have to decide where our energy is best spent. Focus is the key to achieving our goals. Set a goal and slowly work towards it. The goal creates a filter to shift through the rubble and leaves you with what is most important. If you do not have a filter you will get overwhelmed.

Remember social media is only a tool to achieve your goals. Let’s look at an example for the sake of clarity. How is your mailing list looking? Newsletters are very important to keep your brand and story in front of a group of people who want to hear from you. Make your story consistent; make a commitment to communication being a priority.

Let’s set the goal this month of creating a stronger mailing list. Where are most of our followers, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter? How you can drive traffic to your newsletter sign up page. Where can you add value to your followers? Is it via a giveaway, free content, a discount on an upcoming event or product? Once you decide how to create the right incentive, make it your goal and just keep chipping away at it.

Baby steps are the best kind of movement. They are slow and careful and you are learning all of the time. Slow and steady will get you results in the end. You will move in the right direction, but the key is to keep moving!

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