Can Advertising Spend Buy You Love?

“Anyone can pay for something,” was a sage piece of dating advice I was given a long time ago.

Beatles might have said it best when they said –

“I’ll buy you a diamond ring my friend if it makes you feel alright
I’ll get you anything my friend if it makes you feel alright
Cos I don’t care too much for money, and money can’t buy me love”

This advice has served me well. So well in fact that I can see its relevance everywhere.

Let’s apply this advice to marketing. Anyone can spend money to get in front of prospective customers and clients with paid promotions. But no amount of paid advertising can buy love in the form of a loyal fan base.

Love is rare, it is hard to come by in any context in life. How do we facilitate it in the bottom line driven realities of the business world? By building trust and empathy by being human.

Digital marketing relies on data. That data is used to create content and content is used to create engaging ads.

Data is only half of the picture. The other half is empathy.

There are analytics and algorithms galore, but they cannot replace authentic human connection. Digital agencies tell their customers how much they need to spend to get in front of as many eyes as possible in their target market. This works for a while, but if you don’t pay attention to the other side of the equation, you will always have to pay for attention. And the cost of paying for this attention can eventually impact the profit from sales.

We use a different approach: we focus on organic growth fuelled by the stories of your business. Stories by their very nature build empathy, create connections and brand loyalty.

Let’s go back to the beloved Beatles classic –

“Say you don’t need no diamond ring and I’ll be satisfied
Tell me that you want the kind of thing that money just can’t buy
I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love”

You may hear John singing these words in your mind now. It is a story about how true love is worth more than a diamond. A story where without the underlying love a diamond is just a rock.

The same is true for marketing. Creating content that puts human stories in front of other humans results in a connection that impact business growth. Authenticity draws your clients back again and again to a relationship built on trust and understanding.

Focus on the love, even though it takes longer to build. And yes, sometimes it needs a bit of a push to get things moving.

But ultimately, LOVE is created by a connection. Charting that connection through the shared stories of wins from your clients and customers creates momentum. As each story emerges to complete the larger picture, the tendrils of connection branch out into the world. The protagonists of each story have their own fan base. Taking control of the narrative as it unfolds means that all roads eventually lead back to you. Connection can only build more connection. We understand this and harness this power for organic marketing growth.

Marketing communication is a delicate balance of organic and paid. We believe in the power of listening to your fans and telling their stories. Explore the stories you have to tell and then show them to your community; they will love you for it.

Be Fearless : Your Message Is Your Eye In The Storm

“I feel like I have done it all, I have made all of the mistakes and now I am fearless.“

– Paraphrased from an interview with Barak Obama on Marc Maron’s podcast WTF.


It is not possible to be completely without fear, it is a natural part of being alive. Another way of looking at it is being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

This is how one day Obama decided he is going to run for president. He had to get used to putting himself in places that not feel comfortable, situations that were scary. The only way to move forward and pursue his goal is to decide feeling scared or uncomfortable is ok. He can sit with that feeling and get his message out into the world.

It is possible to be your own eye in a storm. The tempest may be swirling, but you can remain steady, secure and centred.

Fearlessness isn’t about ignoring feelings; it is about feeling that no matter what happens you will make the right choice.

Communicating with a community or audience works in the same way. The message should be the same, regardless of what is happening around it. The context and the delivery may change, but the values should be consistent.

Be fearless with your message. That means showing up and putting it out there. Sometimes there is negative feedback or low open rates for a newsletter. Does this mean change tack and go with a totally new approach? If it isn’t working make adjustments to the delivery, but leave the core message intact.

Do not let the situation or output change the core message, allow it to be the eye in the storm of marketing and promotion. Stay true to the message and the message will persevere.

Align Your Social Media and Business Goals!


Goal + Great Tools = Results!

Focus is everything!

Life can get overwhelming. How do we decide what is important at any one moment.

Keep your business goals and social media goals aligned. This can be achieved with focus.

We can’t be on every social media platform! Nor should we be. We have to decide where our energy is best spent. Focus is the key to achieving our goals. Set a goal and slowly work towards it. The goal creates a filter to shift through the rubble and leaves you with what is most important. If you do not have a filter you will get overwhelmed.

Remember social media is only a tool to achieve your goals. Let’s look at an example for the sake of clarity. How is your mailing list looking? Newsletters are very important to keep your brand and story in front of a group of people who want to hear from you. Make your story consistent; make a commitment to communication being a priority.

Let’s set the goal this month of creating a stronger mailing list. Where are most of our followers, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter? How you can drive traffic to your newsletter sign up page. Where can you add value to your followers? Is it via a giveaway, free content, a discount on an upcoming event or product? Once you decide how to create the right incentive, make it your goal and just keep chipping away at it.

Baby steps are the best kind of movement. They are slow and careful and you are learning all of the time. Slow and steady will get you results in the end. You will move in the right direction, but the key is to keep moving!

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Build Quality Networks


“You are what you share.”
C.W. Leadbeater, We Think: The Power Of Mass Creativity

What is value? Value is not intrinsic, it is assigned.

How do we decide what something is worth? Is it worth our time? What are we getting out of it? If we focus on valuable interactions, we can decide not to engage with situations that achieve nothing.

We only have so much time, at the end of the day we want to say that we had quality experiences. Chose quality as your focus. Don’t just follow anyone on Twitter. Find people and businesses that add value to your networks. If someone you are following is detracting from your network it is ok to put him or her to the side.

Have a standard and stick to it. Quality not quantity!

Creating Content Which Reflects The Real You


What ?


There are so many answers to these simple questions. Who am I? This is confusing because we are more than a one sentence vision statement. We are a person who fills many different roles in life.

Our various relationships give us multiple definitions. When we interact with our parents it is a different approach than how we would interact with our friends. We belong to many tribes. These groups are made up of mothers, sisters, brothers, lovers, friends, business owners, party goers and employees, to name a few. The list is long.

There is no need to choose one thing and do it well. Variety is the spice of life, and the more you do, the more interesting your life will become. It is important to understand what we want from those interactions.

Quantify your interactions and goals in life. Owning your decisions and making them work for you is a fulfilling and productive way to live.

So who are you? You are a writer, a musician, an accountant or business leader. Your ‘why‘ is the unique part. The world is full of people who do the exact same thing as you. Focus on the why, the why is always different. Be the best ‘why’ you do what you do. Not what you do.

This is the foundation to strategy. Write this down, why are you a painter, an accountant, a father or volunteer. After finishing the first role in your life, move on to the next one. You will start to see a relationship between them.

This point of similarity is the beginning of your digital strategy. Begin here and then take it as far as you can. You can be anything you want as long as you understand why you do what you do. To connect with potential customers, service providers or to sell a product you must understand why you are there. If people can understand that, they will connect with you, engage with your service or buy your product.

Explore the possibilities with a digital strategy!

Don’t Let Twitter Suck You Down the Rabbit Hole

Aimlessly scrolling through posts or Tweets consumes vast amount of time and reveals very little results.

Don’t let your Twitter feed control you. Ever wonder why it is called a feed? It can become a hungry beast eating up more and more of your time. Aimlessly scrolling through posts or Tweets consumes vast amount of time and produces very little results. Learn to think systematically about your approach to social media.

Ask yourself, what do I want from this experience?

What am I interested in learning more about?

Who would I like to know?

Is there something going on I should be involved in?

With this in mind go through your feed. If nothing fits your criteria, keep moving. Eventually you will find what you are looking for.

Keep and maintain lists. Lists are a great way to curate mini feeds about topics you are interested in. Maintaining lists can take a bit of extra time, but the reward of curating feeds of relevant information is huge.

Time is precious, once that moment ticks by, you can’t get back. Don’t get sucked down the rabbit hole! Tame the little blue bird and make it work for you!

Transformation is Power!

A few years ago I documented my tale of my personal transformation on The Bed Blog. I quit my job leaving me a homeless couch surfer who traveled the world and came back to Melbourne with $20 in my pocket. Every night that I was homeless I took a photo of the bed I slept in and so The Bed Blog was born. This week I presented my story at Pecha Kucha at the NestCoworking space in Thornbury. The topic was transformation. I spoke about how the changes I made lead me to were I am now.

The 10 speakers spoke about transformation in 10 very unique ways. Transformation is a personal thing. It is a privilege and an honor to live the life you choose. It is possible to transform into a person who wakes up in the morning and who decides how they want to spend the day.

I choose to spend my days finding people to talk to. I find them for myself, for my clients and for projects. I find them on Twitter, other social media platforms and in real life. I have a purpose for finding these people. I find people who will make me and my business stronger.

We have all been at a point in our lives where we need change. How we go about it is totally up to us. How do we know if we are making the right choice? You can only find what you are looking for. Keep the end in mind when you are beginning your conversations. If you need to make changes to your social media strategy, ask yourself a question. What kinds of outcomes do you want from your interactions?

I completely transformed my life a few years ago when I decided that I was really unhappy. I made a decision to take a massive leap of faith. I quit my job, became homeless and traveled the world and couch surfed my adopted city of Melbourne for six months. I didn’t know where I was heading when I set out. I did not have an end goal in mind other than I wanted to be happy. Life is too short to waste feeling unhappy and restless. Traveling obliterated the restlessness and starting my own business erased the unhappiness.

When you communicate, however you choose to do it online, remember to start with the end goal. It is very hard to hit a target that doesn’t exist!

Twitter Fundamental No. 2, Be Authentic Online


“Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.” 

–       Aristotle

The more things change the more things stay the same. I say that because Aristotle lived in a very different world to ours, but the principles of what it is to have a good life are the same.

Life can be a choppy journey and part of the search for stability is finding people like you. You become each other’s life raft.  How do you make sure someone sees your distress signal?

Be sure to fire them off in the right direction. There is a school of thought in social media, one should friend fast and often. I say friend few and slow. The internet was constructed to be a popularity contest. I don’t know about you but I left high school many years ago.  I don’t want to be the most popular girl in the world, I want true and authentic relationships with people who understand me.

Supportive relationships are built on trust and honesty. If you are a small business, of course that is one of your main concerns. You also don’t want to run the risk of alienating people by constantly talking about yourself.

This brings me to Twitter fundamental number two, if you wouldn’t do it in real life, don’t do it online. Make a list of behaviors you find rude or off putting. Now put that beside your computer and don’t do it!

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Twitter Fundamental No. 1, Slow and Steady

The official launch of Spendlove and Lamb’s website was Valentines Day. That wasn’t an accident. I chose to promote Spendlove and Lamb on Valentines for a reason. We seek love and, once it is found, focus on it’s cultivation and growth. It is important, it is part of my business name. That is no mistake, I am calculating.

I not only calculate, but multiply the amount of love in my life. I understand how important support networks are. Strong networks translate into strong people, businesses and communities.

How do you take a strong network from the realm of an idea and put it into practice? A solid digital strategy will support you in your ability to do what you uniquely do!

My motto with relationship building is slow and steady wins the race. You don’t want to go from the first date to the wedding in a week. Strong relationships are built slowly over time. A carefully procured, organically grown community is the best way to attract your kind of people.

It is possible to pay for love, purchase ‘likes’ or ‘followers’. However, this is a relationship based on false pretenses. An ideal foundation is built on love and respect. Relationships are genuine interactions; it is not a popularity contest. This is my primary foundation belief of community building, is not a whirlwind romance. It is a slowly progressing process of discovery, common interests and goals.

I explore this fundamental concept in my Twitter training. Slow and steady wins valuable interactions!