The official launch of Spendlove and Lamb’s website was Valentines Day. That wasn’t an accident. I chose to promote Spendlove and Lamb on Valentines for a reason. We seek love and, once it is found, focus on it’s cultivation and growth. It is important, it is part of my business name. That is no mistake, I am calculating.

I not only calculate, but multiply the amount of love in my life. I understand how important support networks are. Strong networks translate into strong people, businesses and communities.

How do you take a strong network from the realm of an idea and put it into practice? A solid digital strategy will support you in your ability to do what you uniquely do!

My motto with relationship building is slow and steady wins the race. You don’t want to go from the first date to the wedding in a week. Strong relationships are built slowly over time. A carefully procured, organically grown community is the best way to attract your kind of people.

It is possible to pay for love, purchase ‘likes’ or ‘followers’. However, this is a relationship based on false pretenses. An ideal foundation is built on love and respect. Relationships are genuine interactions; it is not a popularity contest. This is my primary foundation belief of community building, is not a whirlwind romance. It is a slowly progressing process of discovery, common interests and goals.

I explore this fundamental concept in my Twitter training. Slow and steady wins valuable interactions!

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