What are you passionate about? Last Wednesday evening at Twitterversity I had the pleasure of exploring other people’s passions. Twitter is a tool, a conduit for getting your voice out into the world to share our passions.

The really wonderful thing about Twitterversity is the connections and conversations that take place after the course has finished. During the class I encouraged people to Tweet introductions to link people in the class to a possible new connection. It is now two days after the course has finished and I am still getting introduced to friends of people in my class!

This generosity of sharing and connection is the cornerstone to building solid networks. A strudy framework supports us all, assisting us to achieve our goals. The more we support each other, the more we collectively become.

Our personal successes are tied to our generosity and our ability to support each other. Find people who are doing wonderful things and help them do it by sharing their story with others. Who knows they might share your story as well!

Create a narrative within your own story by using a custom hashtag. Mine is #yourflock. Find something that is unique, that is your own and encourage others to interact with it. If you have your own hashtag, Tweet me, I cannot wait to interact with your story!

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